About us

Helping others become their best since 2008

Let me personally welcome you to the web space of Golden Rose Associates.  I am Audrey White, CEO and founder of Golden Rose Associates (GRA).  At GRA we specialize in three diverse areas:

Wellness and Wholeness

GRA is focused on providing the health and self-care tools to improve the lives our clients. With our holistic approach to wellness cultivation, a client’s physical and environmental needs become the framework for transforming their hopes and dreams into realities.

Web content management

GRA brings focused consulting to both small business and enterprise-level corporations. We work with each of our clients to optimize their Web presence, Content Management Systems (CMS), SEO maximization, and software team management.

Creative Arts Leadership

GRA’s not-for-profit consulting focuses on nurturing artistic growth through orchestral direction, music education, and innovative arts management.

If you are serious about improving yourself in these areas, contact us. It is as easy as sending a message with this contact form: